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Nitrogen is the most important element required by agriculture  and  plantations  and  is  a  universally occurring element in all-living beings. Apart from water and mineral salts the next major substance in plant cells is protein( about 10 to 12% of the cell).

These proteins which are building blocks of the protoplasm are made up of nitrogenous substances called as amino acids, which in turn are synthesized when  inorganic  Nitrogen  of  the  environment  is converted into organic Nitrogen inside the plants.

Nitrogen is also constituent element of many other important  organic  compounds  like  chlorophyll, cytochromes, alkaloids, many vitamins (which serve as functional groups of many enzymes) and above all, of nuleic acids and thus plays a very important and  fundamental  role  in metabolism,  growth,  reproduction  and  heredity.

Although about 80% of the earth's atmosphere are composed of nitrogen, the majority of the plants can't utilize this form of Nitrogen. The chief form of nitrogen taken up by the plants is Nitrate. Conversion of molecular Nitrogen of the atmosphere into organic nitrogenous compounds through the agency of some living organisms (Biological Nitrogen fixation) is also being  utilized.

The  effectively  of  this  process  in eliminating Chemical Nitrogen fertilizer is debatable. No effective solution for exploitation of huge natural resources of atmospheric nitrogen can be exposed throughout the globe.

Advantages :

  • Constant growth for more lucking rounds.
  • Suppresses pest attack.
  • Increased number of plucking points.
  • Faster recovery of bush after pest damage.
  • No adverse affect on quality of end product.
  • Shortens the bhanji spell.
  • Compatible with pesticide/acaricide.

Dosage : 2 ml / Ltr. (400 ml / 200 Ltr.)