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Product Description

Bio Protector


  • In recent years biological method of pest management is well accepted as potential substitute for chemical pesticides.
  • Among the available biological agent Beauveria bassiana is an important Biological Agent. It is a white muscardine fungus which can control the insects B infection cuticle of the insects b its conidia.
  • Stains are isolated from local Tea-Soil


Bio Protector is a talk base product containing coniditia of Beuverria bassiana and supporting biological agent. It is used to control insect pest that are not controlled by chemical pesticide.


  • When the entomopathogen comes in contact with the insect pests, the spores will geminate and penetrate through the cuticle and proliferate in the haemocoel of the insect’s body.
  • In the insect body, the entomopathogenic fungus produces toxic metabolites called beauvericin.
  • It inhibits, the metabolic enzymes in insects system, leads ultimately to the total paralysis of the infected insect pest.


Tea mosquito bug (Helopllies theivors), Flushworm, Shot-hole borer, Bunch Caterpillar


  • 3 Kg of BIO PROTECTOR per hect to be applied along with any agriculture wetting agent or 150 ml of Magic Shakti in 450 litres of water.
  • High humidity and low temperature (below 35°C) will enhance efficiency of Bio-proctecter
  • Do not spray any chemicals after this. Bio-protecter should be used after 7 days of chemical spray.


Dose not leave any residue on and products.

  • It is environment friendly biocontrol agent.
  • It controls insect, pest for a longer period that are not possible by chemical pesticide.
  • It does not affect the beneficial species (Honey bees, fishes, Parasites, Predators etc) after application.


The evaluation of integrated pest management as a rational approach for controlling Tea Mosquito bug. H. theivora, ensures a bright future for bio and safer pesticides. It is evident that with every spraying more insects and its species are generated for which even more pesticides need to be sprayed. This is known as "Trademill effect". Accordingly, safer protectants like neuropteran predator, C carnea, entomophathogen, B. bassiana. Dflubenzuron 25% WP (IGR), Azadirachtin based neem formulation. Ethofenprox 10 EC and Cartap - hydrochloride 50 SP have been evaluated extensively to explore their biological activity including feeding capacity of predator to control H. theivora effectively. Moreover, recent data generated on pesticide residue level of invoice tea samples confirmed a reduced trend of residue accumulations in made tea. The promising results and cost benefit ratios are discussed.